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'everyone has their own little story'


Little truths you may need to hear:
If you've self harmed today: there is always tomorrow, you're not a failure.
If you want to self harm: there is no reason to hurt someone as special as you. You shouldn't punish yourself.
If you're suicidal: I love you so much. You can talk to me, or anyone on here and we will listen. Dying will prevent good things in the future.
If you're having anxiety problems: the worries you have are in your head. No one really hates you, you'll do fine tomorrow, you're gonna be okay.
If you're depressed: focus on some good things that have happened, you won't help yourself by sleeping. Then go eat something tasty, or go for a walk.
If you're hurting in anyway: you are NOT alone. There are so many people going through similar things.